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Owner/Smith/ Co-Instructor

I am a 15 year veteran of the military and still currently serve in the National Guard as combat engineer which is where I got most of my firearms training. I grew up in the mountains of Utah where I have a passion for anything outdoors and Firearms. I have loved working with them and on them to figure out how they work. Therefore I am happy to have an opportunity to serve Oxford and the surrounding area in all their firearm repair needs. 

When I met my lead instructor Shawn it was a match made in heaven, both being veterans and having combat training we came up with this idea to teach people shooting that is applicable in REAL WORLD situations. We both felt that training we have been to or seen was lacking something and I was extremely thrilled when I was able to talk him into being my lead Training Instructor.


Training Officer

  • FEMA Emergency Management Certified 
  • Secfor
    International - High Risk First Responder/HRT/Executive Protection/High
    Threat Protection Specialist/Anti-Terrorism-Force Protection
  • Mantech International - Ground warfare/Tactical training
  • Homeland Security Agent 
  • NC/TX /PA DOJ Certified Concealed Carry Handgun 

Shawn is passionate about training and working with all walks of life. He believes everyone, male and female, should have the knowledge to safely and justifiably protect themselves and their families. Shawn has been an advocate, military service member (Special Operations) and involved in
the shooting sports - protection industry for almost 16 years, creating and instructing multiple classes. Shawn was part of the 82nd Airborne Division trained by Delta Force and attached to Special Forces/JSOC. He
has operated with multiple DOJ/DOD/DOS agencies and military units. Shawn’s key training is in MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain)
and PSD (Personal Security Detail/Detachment) After Shawn completed his tour of duty, he became a PMC (Private Military Contractor) with SOC (Special Operations Consultants) where he was part of Force Protection/PSD and attached to Iraqi/US SF/SEAL Team in Mosul. Shawn currently works with Homeland Security- Maritime (high risk ship officer) 

Favorite Gun: Springfield Hellcat & M1A1 Scout

Favorite Caliber: 9mm/.308

Favorite Food: Sushi

Shawn Stover


82nd Airborne Division (Veteran)

1-505 PIR 


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